What does money mean to a trader?


Feel power and authority

The main function of money is to enrich our lives. This is why we associate  many of our daily worries and emotions with it. To earn and save money may be a venturesome occupation, which gives a sense of confidence and power. Therefore, the role of money is of particular importance. Not all traders are able to admit their love for money, due to the stereotype in our culture that  finds it indecent. Indeed, happiness is not about money. Exchange earnings  show our competence and capability, as well as our status, health and  prosperous old age. The idea that trade on the stock exchange gives a real profit, warms our soul and boosts our self-confidence. Trading strategies provide opportunities to earn, and mentality of a successful trader can be learnt. A possibility to earn a great income without leaving your home — is not a myth.

Money is power

Equivalent of desires

Many traders think that a desirable profit  will satisfy one’s needs and increase possibilities right away. Indeed,money  simplifies our lives. It’s no surprise that  many stock speculators have a poverty fear. They are afraid of losing everything on the stock exchange. But we must admit that among different troubles, the loss of money can be the smallest of all. Fortunately, not only money can give a sense of confidence and peace: but also a family, friends and relatives. No amount of money can buy love, significance, and a sense of inner security.

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